About us

LinkRek is a platform that has been created to aggregate the recruitment industry in India. All member should be able to derive value that they have not seen thus far from a digital platform that drives traffic towards them.

LinkRek is a platform that has been created with the intent to aggregate all recruitment firms in India, so that we can provide visibility to all members on a single platform. Our vision is to link the entire ecosystem that services the recruitment industry, enabling candidates to find the appropriate agency that they can entrust their next career move with. Or when a client organisation intends to look for a recruitment partner to fulfil their vacancies, this platform could throw up a list of probable agencies - that have been reviewed, attested by candidates, peers or other client organisations. Members can have access to latest technologies trending within the industry, link up with like minded peers, seek mentors amongst each other and many such use cases that may as yet be unseen for the LinkRek team.

Candidates who need the assistance of a credible recruitment agency within their sector, near their geography would be able to reach out to multiple recruiters than just rely on job boards for vacancy listing. After all, artificial intelligence will only throw up results based on your behaviour – eventually connecting you with humans who will help you find the next career opportunity. Yes with technology progressing faster than we can fathom, moving jobs will continue to need the intervention of humans. We can help you connect with validated recruiters who may be able to support your intention at this moment.